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Family Support

Emotional Support

Because CALM is run by the families of children who have been diagnosed with cancer, all of its members have personal experience of the illness and the strains cancer can put on family life.

There is a support network within CALM that can provide a listening ear to those families who need support.

Many families find emotional support through attending the social events held by CALM.

Financial Support

When a child or teenager is diagnosed with cancer, it can place a considerable financial strain on the family.

In the early days after diagnosis, the child may need to spend time receiving treatment at one of the specialist regional cancer hospitals.

These centres are based in places such as Bristol, London, Oxford and Birmingham.

While many of these locations provide family accommodation, the cost of travelling, parking and eating out can quickly add up.

CALM provides grants to families to help with expenses.

Day trips & social activities

Children undergoing treatment and their siblings can often miss out on the joys of growing up.

Throughout the year various social activities and day trips are organised for the children and their families, giving them the chance to meet socially, share experiences, and gain emotional support.

In recent years the charity has organised day trips to:

  • Theme Parks
  • Christmas Pantomimes
  • London Eye
  • Zoo
  • Legoland
  • Severn Valley Railway
  • Summer BBQ
  • Christmas Party


As well as providing emotional, financial and practical help, CALM is also dedicated to funding childhood cancer research to help the fight the battle against cancer.

CALM regularly gives grants to regionally based research projects and towards Bone Marrow transplantation.

CALM Partners

CALM works with a number of businesses, organisations and other charities.

CALM works with CLIC Sargent, the Rainbow Trust and the Wessex Cancer Trust.

CALM helps to fund a CLIC Sargent social worker at the Great Western Hospital.

CALM helps to fund Rainbow Trust support workers in the Swindon area.

CALM has received support from businesses such as White Stuff, Openworks, Zurich, Nationwide, Hills Recycling and WH Smith.

CALM has also benefitted from support from organisations including Swindon New College, Freemasons, The Lions Club and the Rotary Club.