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How can I help CALM?

Throughout the year many fund raising activities take place.

Some are undertaken by the families themselves, others by local businesses and the general public.

Activities include simply giving up your time to participate in a supermarket collection or having a CALM collection tin in your place of work or business. Some businesses, groups or individuals may wish to organise special project events or activities.

If you would be interested in giving some of your time for a CALM organised event please contact us. If you would be interested in organising or sponsoring an event or activity no matter how large or small please tell us about it!

What does CALM need?

CALM mainly needs your support financially. You can help make a difference and support C.A.L.M by giving generously in person or online.

Click here to learn how you can donate to CALM.

What Can I Do?

Below are a few ideas of past activities and events which have helped raise funds and awareness for CALM.

  • Running in the London Marathon
  • Sponsored Cycling
  • Raffles
  • Fun Days
  • Memorial donations
  • Sponsored Walks
  • Balloon Races
  • Collecting Tins in businesses, workplace and public area

These are just a few ideas, use your IMAGINATION!

If you would be interested in holding an event or activities please contact us for more information and resources.